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A mi vida bella, caótica y organizada. To my beautiful organized chaos I call life.

Born in sunny southern California, Mexican-American Jazmin Valencia. Mostly grew up in the friendly small town of Roseburg, Oregon. 

In 2015, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oregon in Psychology with a minor in Art with the interest of pursuing art therapy. 

Inspired by her surrounding world and experiences, Jazmin uses acrylic paints to tell vibrant stories on canvas, rocks and other natural mediums. 

When she is not in the studio creating, Jazmin can be found dancing, mindful breathing, putting together decadent meals and seeking out adventures in her trusted Toyota Prius.

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Save The



Using acrylic paints, I want you to be transported by the vibrant colors to a different moment in time dwindling between realism and expressionism.


Learning how to self-express is beautiful and important. In my one-on-one art lessons, I share my creative process to help you create yours. 


Add some PIZZAZZ to your windows. Whether it's your own private home or business, my window paintings are meant to bring in joy even on those gloomy Oregon days. 


Ask me about my spiders! You might get scared and or confused, but don't fret. My wire wrapped wisdom spiders tell a story of perseverance

My Story

“Find me dancing barefoot to the drum of my own beat.”

I felt restricted to a box for many years since being diagnosed bipolar in 2004. My doctors told me I was going to be on medication for the rest of my life. That was a hard pill to swallow —both figuratively and literally. This made me realize early on that in order to feel the most like myself I had to paint outside the lines I was convicted to.  


Creating has been my outlet for 17 years. It is my therapy. It was my therapy before I even knew what therapy was. It has guided me through my journey of life. Art allows me to process my emotions and struggles to dig deep into myself to heal and inspire a stronger connection with who I am meant to be.


I want to share with you my passion for creating and processing —together.


Art should be fun.  You should enjoy the process of your journey on the road toward your destination! I want my art to make you think - to feel - to move - to cry - to laugh - to dance - to embrace - to ask. I want you to learn how creating can help you process. So that you too may allow your inner creative being to shine through so that you don’t feel trapped in a box like I did for so many years enduring stress and struggles.


I have been called to be creative before I was even created. That’s probably why I still walk barefoot. I like to feel connected to the world around me —especially nature. 


I am fortunate to have parents and teachers that encourage my creativity and to believe in my art. It is my form of expression and encourages me to embrace my creativity from within. Because of this, I have had amazing experiences, accomplished many things and lived through things I never thought possible. 


I want us both learning and teaching — each other. Sharing our light to make it shine a little brighter everywhere we go throughout our life travels. 

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