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To be able to see our own light and how we can shine!

To channel vulnerabilities, experiences and allow the creative process to flow and inspire others to embrace their process. Create safety and structure to process our emotions to be expressed. 



To incorporate and inspire others around the world to see and experience their own light. Bring your light and your purpose to live your life with an open heart.

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Core Values

  1. Intuition: Trust that it will serve us and have an open heart.

  2. Collaboration: When we work together — we are united. No competition clause

  3. Resourcefulness: Bring awareness to how our actions affect mother earth and everything existing within. 

  4. Truth: Explore who we are, share our opinions and stand up for what we believe. 

  5. Create: If it doesn’t serve us — form something new to reinvent ourselves. 

  6. Embrace: Use our gifts, strengths and abilities. 

  7. Integration: How can we individually take what we learn and apply into our daily life?

Meet The Team

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